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Vista over NaturallySpeaking

I am a heavy user of speech recognition technology.  I find that I can write faster than typing (and I have a reputation for being a fast typist).

I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for several years now.  Every new edition has gotten a little bit better.  And I’ve found it quite useful except that the last two versions have tended to get corrupted databases.  And now, I will very commonly get some error that causes it to lock up.  I have found that it tends to fail if I switch around between different applications.

Of course, I am an avid multitasker, so these errors has become really irritating, and essentially stopped me from using voice recognition.  I just can’t commit to staying in a single application for very long.

Today, I started using the speech recognition built into Vista.  While I am struggling a little bit with differences in the verbal commands,I am already sold.  Why?

  • It feels much faster.
  • I can switch between applications with no problems.
  • The recognition engine is doing a terrific job with very little training.

I know that while I continue to use this I may come up with some problems, but so far I’m blown away.

Plus, Vista doesn’t try to sell me things through its auto-update feature.

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