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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Resolver One on Digipede Sample

As I noted recently, I have been working with Giles Thomas and Glenn Jones at Resolver Systems on a sample mixing distributed IronPython objects with Resolver One spreadsheets. 

I like those guys.  They are smart and do excellent work.

Anyway, they released the sample earlier today.  From their site:

As of version 1.5 (which is currently in beta), the world’s coolest spreadsheet can use Digipede Network grid computing to distribute and execute workbooks in parallel. The example on the Exchange is based on the excellent IronPython sample created by Robert W. Anderson of Digipede. The Digipede Network is a brilliant way to get distributed, parallel computation on Windows. It only took a few minor changes to convert Resolver One to run on the Digipede Network and to get the IronPython sample to execute Resolver One workbooks.

Giles gives some more background to the path that got us here on his recent post, Resolver One and Digipede.

The combination of our two products offers a pretty elegant solution.  Like I said before,

Try doing that with a spreadsheet or grid that isn’t based on .NET . . .

. . . like Excel and Windows HPC Server.  No, don’t. Trust me.  It is really hard, complex, and brittle.

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Resolver One on Digipede

deatle2r1 We had a call this morning with Giles Thomas and Glenn Jones of Resolver Systems.  They demonstrated Resolver One running on the Digipede Network.

They used my IronPython Worker sample and customized the front-end Python code, leaving the C# adapter as-is.  With very little coding they had an elegant grid-enabled spreadsheet.  Try doing that with a spreadsheet or grid that isn’t based on .NET . . .

Giles said they will have support for this in Resolver One 1.5, coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Very cool. 

I’ve just installed Resolver One to take a closer look.  Already I’m impressed, but I’ll leave that for a future post.

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Quote of the day, 10/30/2007

Today I was in a conference call doing a demonstration of the Digipede Network. 

One of the demos includes using Excel as a front-end to a distributed code-behind calculation.  A common follow on question was asked (heavily paraphrased),

what about code trapped in Excel workbooks?

The answer is, yes, we can (and have several customers that do) distribute Excel workbooks for distributed execution.  Our software moves the workbooks, launches Excel through COM, executes calcs in the workbook, saves them, and brings back the workbook. 

The prospect says,

That is both commendable and horrifying at the same time.


As is most of the work we’ve done to provide stable, registration-free COM contract for the Digipede COM users.

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Digipede at Building 40 Tonight

If you are in Redmond and want to learn about Digipede (from John):

Digipede Evangelist Kim Greenlee will give a presentation on Concurrent Software Development at the .NET Developers Association meeting on Monday, December 11.  The meeting is on the Microsoft campus – in Building 40, the Steptoe Room (#1450).  She blogs about it here; be sure to bring this meeting announcement with you, or Microsoft security may stop you.

Come early for the free pizza — stay for the demo of the Digipede Network.

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