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VS2005 Productivity

I rarely come across mentions of ReSharper in my aggregator (though I have posted about it myself). I did find these two recently: Why Microsoft should buy JetBrains and one on Visual Studio Rosario by mdavey.

Both of these posts criticize Visual Studio and point to JetBrains (the developer of ReSharper) as Microsoft’s salvation.

I assumed his first post to be tongue-in-cheek with:

Even with Visual Studio 2005 new refactoring support, to be truely productive you still need ReSharper.

but then it goes on with:

If Microsoft still can’t understand the concept of refactoring in 2006, then maybe its time for them to give in, accept they will never build a decent IDE, and buy JetBrains to resolve the issue.

This (and his follow up post) make it clear that he is pretty frustrated with VS2005 and Microsoft, but what struck me most about these posts was the “to be truely productive” statement.

One cannot be truly productive with VS2005 without ReSharper? What were you doing before editors had refactoring (much less Intellisense, or even ran in a GUI)? Were you not productive? I sure was.

Now ReSharper does enhance my productivity and maybe IntelliJ IDEA is a better IDE than VS2005 — I’ve never used it. That said, I think the majority of Visual Studio users are not only happy with VS2005, but also are very productive with it.

And don’t get me wrong, Microsoft, go ahead and buy JetBrains. Their products (at least ReSharper and dotTrace) really rock. And there is no doubt that these products makes Visual Studio a whole lot better. It helps me be even more productive.

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