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Why Web2.0 is a natural for the Mac crowd

I generally use Microsoft Windows and I mostly use desktop apps.

I have to admit: I often get annoyed with Web-based UI. Even that with the slickest use of AJAX. Even with WordPress, the application I am using right now.

And what is my problem?

  • Losing my form data if I hit the backspace at the wrong time?
  • Managing application-related pop-up windows?
  • Discerning what some little non-standard icon means?
  • Actually getting my mouse over that tiny icon?


It is that the right mouse button has nothing to do with the specific page I’m on. Occasionally I find myself right-clicking and going “doh, this isn’t a Windows desktop application.” I miss having context-related options available with a right-click of the mouse (and no, I don’t just mean “copy this link”, etc.).

Of course, until recently, the Macintosh had no right mouse button. Or left button for that matter. Just one.

So all these Macintosh users look at the Web applications (Web 2.0 or not) and they are much like Macintosh desktop applications. See a button: click on it. See a menu. Click on it.

This limitation we Windows users perceive in browser-based apps just isn’t there for Mac users.

So Microsoft, and Robert Scoble in particular, I think you guys might be missing this point regarding Web 2.0. If you want to get more involved in Web 2.0, forget Live and Office Live; instead, start shipping single button mice. I know it might seem like a me-too mid-1980’s strategy, but you never know.

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