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iPhone 4 antenna problem? Blame the users!

Plenty of people are guessing how tomorrow’s Apple iPhone 4 event will go.  I’m pretty cynical about what Apple thinks of us customers, so here are my 2 cents:

  1. The entire event we will be about how users are wrong – that is, there is no problem if you just hold the phone correctly.
  2. A dizzying array of evidence will be presented concluding that the iPhone 4 has the best antenna of anything ever.  And that users are wrong.
  3. There will be a direct attack on Consumer Reports for their apparent flip-flop and the validity of their tests will be questioned.  After all, the Consumer Reports testers are users and, well users are wrong.  
  4. Apple will provide a free bumper to those who request one, but it will be clear that only quitters and the non-worthy actually need one.
  5. No recall will be issued; however, a design change is certainly in the works and that won’t be mentioned at all.

I can sum this up as follows:

The Apple response will be that there is no actual problem aside from user error.  Or as I’ve said to a few people, the real problem is that some iPhone users have left hands and they insist on using them.

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