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Evolutionary Approach to Grids

A paper, entitled, Evolutionary Approach to Realizing the Grid Vision has been published by Marvin Theimer, Savas Parastatidis, and Tony Hey of Microsoft, Marty Humphrey of University of Virginia, and Geoffrey Fox of Indiana University. Presentation from the authors and a link to the document itself can be found here.

This paper suggests several areas of focus to bring the grand vision of the greater Grid down to a practical level that can be accomplished in smaller steps. Not surprisingly, the authors suggest starting first with computational grids. The paper focuses on the basics of this area where the problem set is fairly well understood and puts off those areas that are strictly outside the requirements of a computational grid.

It is partially the “overarching intellectual context” with which the OGSA Working Group is charged that keeps the greater Grid outside the interest of much of industry. This kind of focus articulated in the paper, properly executed, really helps progress towards the greater Grid.

BTW: I still think we don’t know what Savas is actually working on at Microsoft 😉

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