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Windows HPC Server 2008 & PFX

Two exciting announcements at SC07 came out of Microsoft today.  I wouldn’t normally lump them together into one post (because they are only peripherally related), but Microsoft announced them in the same press release here.  None of this is news to those who follow Microsoft closely, but it is worth a mention.

  1. Microsoft announced version 2 of Compute Cluster Server, renamed Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008.  Ever since I saw a preview of this a couple months back, I have been excited about some of the enhancements they’ve made in terms of manageability and interactivity.  Mostly, I’m excited about new interop scenarios between the Digipede Network and HPC Server.  As some resources become available, I plan to do an internal proof of my idea — I hope I’ll have more on this soon.
  2. Microsoft announced their Parallel Computing Initiative with the mission of enhancing developer productivity for multicore and distributed systems.  Most exciting (to me) is the announcement of their Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework.  These extensions include mechanisms for expressing parallelism inside managed code.  One thing that will be built on top of these extensions is P-LINQ.  Expect previews of this technology will begin to come out over the next six months.  Why am I excited about this?  Because the more tools that are made available to .NET developers to express parallelism, the easier it will be for the Digipede Network to fit in and managing varying workloads across a large number of disparate computing resources.

Note to Wagg-Ed:  there is no such thing as Visual Studio 2007.

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