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PowerShell v2 CTP

Congratulations to the PowerShell team for getting out their CTP.  I grabbed it this morning to make sure the Digipede AddIn works against it.   Yes it does.

Cool stuff.

Couple of things:

  1. WS-MAN needs to be installed before installing the CTP (this What’s New post implies that the remote-shell features need it, but not that it is required).  I hope this is only for the CTP and will not be required in the eventual release.  Any extra requirements make it harder for ISVs to integrate PowerShell into their products.  If you do not have WS-MAN installed yet, go here to get it:
  2. This new version comes with a “Graphical PowerShell”.  This appears to be similar to the Shell Tools PowerShell Analyzer product, and not a replacement console.  If you are looking for a better console, check out the other Shell Tools product, PowerShell+.

I will spend more time with the CTP soon and likely have more comments then. 

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