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Digipede on ScobleShow

In early April, John, Dan and I visited the offices of PodTech for an interview by Robert Scoble.  Dan wrote about it at the time (here).  It was fun, and Robert asked good questions.  He put the videos up over the weekend, included here by the magic of the PodTech player.

Editor’s Choice: highlights from Digipede’s interview and demo


Demo of building a grid with Digipede


Talking about Digipede’s grid technology

Robert asked me a question that I didn’t expect: what was challenging for me in desigining the Digipede Network.  In answering, I forgot to mention probably the most challenging part: designing the Digipede Framework API.  This is both the part that I have the most fun with and the most challenging.  Challenging or not, building usable APIs is a key part of any development platform and continues to be an important part of my job.

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