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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Search SIG: The Search for Attention

I’ll be at the SDForum Search SIG tonight: The Search for Attention. Jeff Clavier (the SIG chair) has a post about it here.

Steve Gillmor is hosting the panel discussion with Dick Costolo, Gabe Rivera, David Sifry, and Seth Goldstein.

Steve will be talking about GestureBank — I’ve been teaming with him on its architecture — his presentation will precipitate much interest and discussion.

If you are there, look me up.

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Digipede presents at SDForum Windows SIG

Dan, the product manager for the Digipede Network will be giving a talk tomorrow night at SDForum on object-oriented programming for Grid (or OOP-G, as I call it).

He blogs about it here: West Coast Grid: Windows Grid: SDForum Talk Wednesday Night.

He will be talking about using the Digipede Network behind Web Services — check it out.

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Getting Started with Team System

I met Chuck Berg, the chair of the SDForum Windows SIG.

He is speaking February 1st on Getting Started with Visual Studio Team System. I’m sure it will be an interesting talk and a chance to take advantage of his real experience getting it up and running.

If you make it to his talk, try to convince him to blog about his experiences — I’ll subscribe.

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