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The blogged wandering of Robert W. Anderson

Google, what is a beta?

Now Chrome is out of beta.  Cool.

Question: what on earth are Google’s standards for the word beta anyway?

Possible answers:

  1. Non-existent
  2. Non-existent with a dash of whimsy
  3. Variable based on $$$$$
  4. (Fairly) fixed based on the users requirement to understand relative product completeness / bugginess

Before Chrome left beta I would have said #1 or #2.

Now it seems that Google can’t get Chrome adoption from OEMs while it is a beta.  Shazam, we’re out of beta.  So I guess its #3.

I sure wish it were #4.  The term beta is actually pretty useful. Google has never taken it seriously, and this is just further evidence.

I’m generally a fan of the Google products and I use many of them, but Google, can you grow up a little here?  Show some respect for the term beta — you’ll be respecting your users too.

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