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Digipede does MSDN

John and Dan are doing an MSDN Webcast Tuesday at 10:00 AM.  It is titled, Scaling SOA in Financial Services with Grid Computing for .NET.  Described as:

Enterprise architects in financial services are looking to service-oriented architectures (SOA) to address many real-world problems – brittle systems with tight interdependencies, data stuck in single-purpose silos, and applications that don’t scale to meet growing demand, to name a few.  But implementing an SOA can also expose new scalability issues.  New high-performance computing (HPC) offerings from Microsoft and its partners are ideally suited for scaling out compute-intensive components of an SOA.  Using real-world examples from financial services companies, this presentation will describe how to grid-enable compute-intensive analytic services for use in an SOA.  

I’ll bet they talk about Digipede in there somewhere.  😉

Go to the link above to sign up.

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Digipede Sponsoring Microsoft FDC

Digipede is sponsoring the Microsoft Financial Developers Conference in New York City this week.  John and Dan will be there Wednesday and Thursday (April 25th and 26th) attending the conference and presenting on scaling SOA. 

John has more on his blog; Microsoft has registration here (note that last link is broken, but ought to be working soon enough).

BTW: The event is free.

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Digipede presents at SDForum Windows SIG

Dan, the product manager for the Digipede Network will be giving a talk tomorrow night at SDForum on object-oriented programming for Grid (or OOP-G, as I call it).

He blogs about it here: West Coast Grid: Windows Grid: SDForum Talk Wednesday Night.

He will be talking about using the Digipede Network behind Web Services — check it out.

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VSLive! David Chappell

Not the sonic-software Dave Chappell, but the one of Chappell & Associates on Building Modern Software: Services, Workflow, Integration.

Exuberant speaker. Ex-funk pianist.

Walked through service-orientation as the current default enterprise architecture; and how the new Microsoft technologies underly this architecture: WCF, WF, and BizTalk.

This was a good overview of these issues (but, I wish I could get to the Digipede VPN from here . . . ).

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