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An SP1 by any other name would . . .

Mary Jo Foley writes there’s no Windows Server 2008 SP1 in the works.

Why?  Because the first RTM of Server 2008 is called Windows Server 2008 SP1.  This is due to Server 2008 and Vista sharing the same core code and components.


This makes only marginal sense, and then only if Microsoft commits to keeping the service packs synchronized across the Windows 6 product family.  I think this will be less confusing to customers.  We’ll see if this synchronization happens. 

Regardless of Microsoft’s plans, the SP1 designation on Server 2008 is misleading.  Most of the server components of Windows 6 will remain without a service pack until SP2.

Customers who like to wait for initial service packs still will — unless they are duped into thinking they’ve already got it.

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Vista SP1 available after all. Kind of.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Some won’t have to wait until March for Vista SP1.  Cool.  I’m installing it now.

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Vista SP1 Beta

On Friday, I updated my laptop using Windows Update; the entire install process went smoothly.

Things I’ve noticed.

  • In the past, remote desktop connections to non-Vista machines always prompted the user to confirm connection.   New in Vista SP1 is the ability to turn off that warning on a computer-by-computer basis.  A small thing, but I found this really irritating in the past.  Cool.
  • The Start -> Search menu is gone.  A little strange, I think.  You can get the same functionality from any explorer window, so I don’t see how this levels the playing field for other search vendors.
  • Strangely enough, when I installed the prerequisites (which are purportedly related to improving Vista update performance), my Alps touchpad tray icon appeared for the first time ever.  I clicked on it and found that, again for the first time ever, the touchpad’s unique “device select” tab was available in the mouse control panel.  Weird, but good.  Now I can turn off the tap while typing.

Things I haven’t noticed.

  • Any changes in stability.  In general, I feel that the stability of Vista has improved over the year, but my Reliability Monitor tells a different tale.  My reliability index moves between 1 and 3 and hasn’t gotten over 5 since July 31st.  I hope that this changes in SP1, though it isn’t clear how much of this is the OS and how much is bad application behavior.  I wish I could weight failures on the system for how they impact me and possibly exclude them from the Reliability Monitor.
  • Any changes in performance. 

All in all I’ve been getting happier with Vista as the year has progressed.  I initially had all sorts of networking problems, but Dell or Intel seems to have mostly solved those.  Long gone are the days when I had to reboot my machine to get it on a network.  We even now have a VPN solution that supports Vista.

Aside from the trouble, I like Vista.  The only part I don’t like about it is feeling like an early adopter with it.  After all, why did I install SP1?  To provide feedback to Microsoft, yes, but also in hope that it makes my experience better sooner.

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VS 2005, SP1 and Vista

A few things:

  1. VS2005 SP1 is out.  I am pleased with how quickly this turned from a beta to a release.  Good job guys.
  2. VS2005 SP1 for Vista Beta bits are out now.  Good news.
  3. I’m hoping that the Vista beta bits turn final soon too.

As is probably clear, I’m waiting for stability here before I go to Vista.  This time I can’t help with the beta testing, so thanks to those out there that have taken one for the team.

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