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Crisotunity: VSS 6d to VSS 8

Our source-control server crashed on Wednesday. The repository itself was unharmed (and we had good backups, too), but we have had to reinstall everything from scratch. Since the developers didn’t have access to source control for a day anyway, I decided to go ahead and install Visual SourceSafe 8 (we’ll be upgrading to Team Foundation Server at a later date). I’ve found little online about people actually making this transition, so I thought I’d blog about it. By the way, we also use SourceAnywhere for remote access so I had to install this too.

Since the OS had been loaded from scratch, this was a clean VSS install. I have read people saying it is OK to upgrade over VSS6; however, the included documentation says you must uninstall previous versions of VSS first (emphasis theirs).

After the install (which went without a hitch), I attached to our existing repository with the VSS Admin tool. That asked me to run an “Analyze” since it had been more than 30 days since it was last run. This is a nice new feature. It found a few minor errors. At the end it suggested I run it again from the command-line with the -f command to actually fix the errors. I really wish it could just offer to do that for me, but that is a minor complaint.

Interestingly, the database hasn’t changed format leading me to believe that VSS is just as good (i.e., problematic) as it used to be.

Which might explain why nobody has blogged about this — migration itself isn’t so interesting if the DB hasn’t changed. VSS6 clients still can connect to it without trouble.

So, it worked fine — with no problems and as far as I can tell, no advantages either.

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