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Twitter and Verizon

Update 2:If you reading this (mild) rant, don’t. Nothing to see here. This all works fine. See updates on the bottom, if you are so inclined.

Twitter is cool.  But is it fun enough for me?

The Twitter page says:

Twitter is more fun when used through your mobile phone or instant messenger client. Set yours up!

I tried to.  And I tried again.

It turns out that Twitter doesn’t talk to Verizon.

This fact doesn’t warrant a mention on the setup page, nor in the Help, and not even in the FAQ.  Nowhere does it say this — mostly nowhere, it is mentioned in some Twitter feed.

So — I’ll just make an outlandish claim here — a whole bunch of people have entered their text number only to find it doesn’t work.  Then these whole bunches of people tried again.  And then, third time’s a charm?  Nope. 

I can understand not leading with your weaknesses, but not mentioning it at all? 

I’m not complaining that it doesn’t work with Verizon.  I know messaging between the U.S. wireless carriers is a crapshoot — my problem is that the Twitter pages don’t mention it.

C’mon Twitter, your app is cool, but have more respect for your users.  That alone will make it more fun for me.

Update: Crystal from Twitter says (very politely) that I’m wrong about Twitter and Verizon. I’ve contacted Twitter support to get it worked out. My fault for not contacting Twitter first — and now I can’t locate the feed that mentioned problems sending SMS to Verizon. It was probably outdated, after all.

Update 2:This all works fine. I made an assumption about the process. All my fault.

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